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Maximum Milk Thistle® Is Absorbed Ten Times More Effectively Than 80% Standardized Milk Thistle Extracts.

This means ten times more gets into your bloodstream and to your liver to help protect and support your liver cells.

The following clinical study (listed on the National Library of Medicine) shows the active ingredient in Maximum Milk Thistle® is absorbed ten times more readily than 80% standardized milk thistle extract.

The brand of standardized tested against was Legalon. It has been sold as Thisilyn here in the USA. This is the same brand that is prescribed by doctors in Germany.

As shown in this study, Maximum Milk Thistle® is ten times more effective than ANY 80% standardized milk thistle formula, and we guarantee it.

Comparative Pharmacokinetics of the Active Ingredient in Maximum Milk Thistle® (Silipide/Siliphos®) and Silymarin (standardized milk thistle extract) in Rats


1 Inverni della Beffa Research and Development Laboratories, Milan Italy
2 Istituto di Chimica Farmaceutica, Univarea di Milano, Milan, Italy

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The plasma level profile and the biliary excretion of silybin, the main flavanolignan component of silymarin, were evaluated in rats after single equimolar oral doses of the silybin-phosphatidylcholine complex silipide (Laboratory code Idb 1016), (Siliphos®), and of silymarin (Legalon).

The introduction of this study states that the standardized extract of silymarin is widely used in Europe for the treatment of liver disorders(1-3). It goes on to state the problem with oral use of the main constituent of silymarin (silybin) is the low bioavailability of the compound, as demonstrated in studies with lab animals (4,5) and man (6).

Previous studies in rats (7), healthy volunteers (8) and patients with liver disease (9, 10) have shown that after oral intake of silipide (Siliphos®), plasma silybin levels are several-fold higher than those measured after treatment with silymarin at equal doses in terms of silybin content.

This study showed the relative bioavailability of silipide (Siliphos®) was nearly 10-fold higher than that of silymarin. Measured as silybin, the blood plasma peak for Siliphos® was 1,004, whereas for silymarin it was 139.

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How It Works

In its natural state, milk thistle extract (called silymarin) is very poorly absorbed. Most of it that you ingest goes right through your system without being digested and absorbed.

Also, silymarin is made up of several bioflavanoids, mostly silybin, silychristin, and silydianin. Silybin has been isolated and recognized as being the most plentiful and helpful active constituent which, on its own, delivers the therapeutic benefits milk thistle is known for.

A Scientific Quest

The medical researchers who developed and patented the Phytosome form that makes up Maximum Milk Thistle® knew what they were doing. First they separated out the silybin so they would be working with the most potent part of the extract.

Being well aware of the benefits of this purified form of milk thistle for liver patients they were also aware that it, too, was poorly absorbed. So they set out to improve absorption.

Finding the Answer

Dr. Malandrino was heading the project and realized phospholipids might be the answer. And, because phosphatidylcholine was already shown to be a liver aid, in its own right, they decided to give a try to bonding molecules of the two substances together.

It is a known fact in biochemical circles that phospholipids are readily and easily absorbed into the bloodstream in the digestive process. If they could get the active ingredients in milk thistle to ride along, they'd achieve a great breakthrough in delivering a powerful liver remedy to where it would do the most good, the liver.

Dramatic Success

Clearly, they succeeded, as the following study synopsis demonstrates (it is because of their success that they were granted a patent for this new natural medicine). Also, they proved this dramatic level of increased absorption (ten to one) against the largest selling milk thistle extract in Europe. That product is called Legalon and it is exactly the same as the Thisilyn brand, here in the United States.

Which means Maximum Milk Thistle® is absorbed up to ten times more effectively than Thisilyn, (or any other 80% standardized milk thistle extract) and Thisilyn is considered one of the best 80% standardized milk thistle extracts available.

See Charts and Graphs and More Scientific Background.

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