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Expert Opinions Regarding Milk Thistle AND Maximum Milk Thistle®

Milk thistle is the most recommended herb for liver health and Maximum Milk Thistle® contains the most effective form of milk thistle you can buy.

In deciding what primary supplement to use for liver support and health, consider these quotes from doctors, medical researchers and other recognized experts:

About Maximum Milk Thistle® and its active ingredient:

I prefer Maximum Milk Thistle® over other milk thistle products because, after much research, I am convinced the Phytosome process dramatically improves the effectiveness of this important herbal medicine. I take one 240mg capsule three times each day.

Kevin Krueger, Hepatitis C Survivor
Founder, National Hepatitis C Coalition

...The best way to take milk thistle is either in capsule form, especially from concentrate, or from a form that contains other substances—such as beta-cyclodextrin or phosphatidylcholine (silipide)—that render milk thistle more soluble in water. In this way, milk thistle becomes more bioavailable to the body and its effects are more pronounced.

Dr. Melissa Palmer, MD
Dr. Palmer's Guide to Hepatitis Liver Disease, What You Need To Know

(While not mentioned by name, Maximum Milk Thistle® is in capsule form, is concentrated and is bound with phosphatidylcholine, meeting all three of Dr. Palmer's criteria for superior effectiveness.)

...Silymarin (milk thistle extract) is a potent liver-protecting substance, useful in all types of liver disease... Although silymarin is quite effective clinically, it is not very bioavailable (it is hard for the body to absorb). In contrast, binding one molecule of silymarin with two molecules of phosphatidylcholine in the Phytosome® process creates a highly bioavailable new form of silymarin. The Phytosome® form is far superior to simple silymarin in every respect.”

Healthworld Magazine
Dr. Michael Murray

...A new form of milk thistle that is bound with phosphatidylcholine, called silymarin Phytosome®, may be even more powerful for fighting liver damage...

Let's Live Magazine 1999, Healing Hepatitis
Nicole Brechka

...In a preliminary study, eight men and women with viral chronic hepatitisB or C were treated with a silybin-phosphatidylcholine complex for two months. According to the authors of the study, this lipophilic complex has demonstrated superior bioavailability compared to silymarin complex alone... The authors concluded that this complex may effectively improve hepatic function in patients with chronic active hepatitis...

International Journal of Integrative Medicine Jan/Feb 1999, Milk Thistle: Goals and Objectives
Dr. Lisa Alschuler

About Milk Thistle:

...Contains some of the most potent liver-protecting substances known...

Prescription for Nutritional Healing
James F. Balch, MD, and Phyllis A. Balch, CNC
Avery Group (over 5 million copies sold)

...I recommend this herb to all patients with chronic hepatitis and abnormal liver function...

Spontaneous Healing
Andrew Weil, MD
Knopf Press

...It is an excellent remedy for use in the prevention and treatment of many liver disorders...

Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide
Future Medicine Publishing (500,000+ copies sold)

Preliminary double-blind studies of people with chronic hepatitis have shown significant improvement...

Natural Health Bible
Steven Bratman, MD & David Kroll, PhD
Prima Health

...studies in cell culture and animal models clearly show its hepatotprotective action with little or no toxicity...

Hepatology, October 1999
Herbal Products for Liver Diseases
Detlef Schuppan MD, et al.

...This remarkable plant has earned a worldwide reputation as an antioxidant and liver protectant that can even help repair and regenerate injured liver cells....

The Encyclopedia of Popular Herbs, Your Complete Guide to the Leading Medicinal Plants
Robert S. McCaleb, Evelyn Leigh, and Krista Morien
Prima Publishing

Remember, there are many different brands and levels of quality of milk thistle, with the Phytosome® form found in Maximum Milk Thistle® being the most effective.

Milk thistle extract is prescribed and/or recommended by more MDs, naturopaths, herbalists, clinical nutritionists, and medical researchers than any other natural liver protector.

And the patented Phytosome® form of milk thistle extract in Maximum Milk Thistle® has been clinically shown to be the most effective at getting to, and protecting, liver cells.

This is a fact. No other milk thistle product even comes close to its effectiveness.

Milk thistle is routinely prescribed by doctors in Europe, specifically for liver disorders such as hepatitis c, hepatitis b and cirrhosis.

Now, with no prescription necessary in the USA, Canada, and certain other countries, you can get the most effective form of this powerful liver-protecting substance in Maximum Milk Thistle, delivered directly to you or someone you care about.