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Ralph Napolitano, Licensed Healthcare Provider

Dear Health-Conscious Friend,


Do you have a serious liver concern? I do. In my case it is chronic Hepatitis C.

If you do have an affected liver like me, can you relate to any of the following statements?...

If this sounds like you, then your search has ended.

...far superior to simple milk thistle extract in every respect...

Dr. Michael Murray, natural health expert and author, Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.

Milk thistle is the most studied, respected, and recommended herb for liver concerns. And ...

Maximum Milk Thistle® is up to 10 times more absorbable and 20 times more effective than standard milk thistle formulas.*

Its patented process increases absorption of this liver protecting formula up to ten times more than any 80% standardized brand. And, on this website, you can see the scientific medical studies that prove its superiority. Maximum Milk Thistle® also contains over 2x the amount of silybin than standard milk thistle formulas of the same dosage, providing over 2x the benefit. Medical researchers agree that silybin is the most beneficial active ingredient in milk thistle and is responsible for the majority of milk thistle’s liver-protective qualities. Up to 10x the absorption and over 2x the amount of silybin means up to 20x the effectiveness.* 

What Can You Learn From Thousands of Hepatitis Patients?

My name is Ralph Napolitano and, as stated earlier, I have chronic Hepatitis C, genotype 1a.

I am a licensed healthcare provider in New York State and have been involved in preventive and alternative medicine since 1980. Like thousands of others with Hepatitis C, I have been successfully protecting and supporting my liver with natural approaches for years.

After many years of research into what medical researchers have discovered, as well as what other hepatitis patients have found, the natural remedies I use are the clinically-proven most effective.

Would you like to do the same?

If so, I have a very strong recommendation for you about where to begin ...

Start Taking Maximum Milk Thistle® To Protect YOUR Liver, Now

If your liver enzymes are elevated, that means you have extra liver cells dying every day. The higher your enzyme levels are above normal, the more liver cells you have dying an untimely death on a daily basis.

The sooner you start taking Maximum Milk Thistle®, the sooner you will begin to protect and support your remaining liver cells.*

Order Maximum Milk Thistle®
The best way to take milk thistle is either in capsule form, especially from concentrate, or from a form that contains other substances—such as beta-cyclodextrin or phosphatidylcholine (silipide)—that render milk thistle more soluble in water. In this way, milk thistle becomes more bioavailable to the body and its effects are more pronounced.

Dr. Melissa Palmer, MD, in her book, Dr. Palmer's Guide to Hepatitis Liver Disease, What You Need To Know.

Maximum Milk Thistle® meets all three of Dr. Palmer's criteria for superior potency. It is concentrated, provided in capsule form, and it is bound to phosphatidylcholine.

You may already know that milk thistle is the most widely recognized natural remedy for liver health. It has been shown in scientific studies to not only protect liver cells, but also to help regenerate healthy ones.

Nearly every liver doctor in the USA is familiar with milk thistle. Every naturopathic physician, nutritional specialist, herbalist and natural healing expert recommends milk thistle for their liver patients.

But, not all milk thistle products are created equal. With its patented formula, Maximum Milk Thistle® is proven more potent.*

Over 700 published medical studies have been done with silymarin, the extract of the milk thistle plant.

But, not all milk thistle formulas are equally effective. As both Dr. Murray and Dr. Palmer stated above, the form of milk thistle in Maximum Milk Thistle® is proven to be far superior.

In Germany, doctors routinely PRESCRIBE standardized milk thistle extract as a medicine for hepatitis patients. That's right, in Germany milk thistle formulas are available as a prescription medicine for people with liver disease.

Maximum Milk Thistle® is proven more effective than even the prescription strength in Germany.*

Here are a few comments regarding milk thistle by recognized medical experts:

"...Contains some of the most potent liver-protecting substances known..."

Dr. James F. Balch, MD

"...I recommend this herb to all patients with chronic hepatitis and abnormal liver function..."

Dr. Andrew Weil, MD

"Preliminary double-blind studies of people with chronic hepatitis have shown significant improvement...

Dr. Steven Bratman, MD

Maximum Milk Thistle® Is Far, Far Better

Whatever can be said about the liver-protecting power of milk thistle is up to 20 times truer with Maximum Milk Thistle®.*

Maximum Milk Thistle's® patented super-absorption formula is up to 10 times more absorbable and contains more than 2 times the amount of silybin, delivering up to 20 times more protection to your liver. Twice the amount of silybin means twice the benefit.*

Every book about natural healing recommends milk thistle for the liver. Every vitamin store has some kind of milk thistle available. But only one formula is proven dramatically superior.

The most potent form of milk thistle is found in Maximum Milk Thistle®.*

As you've already seen, Maximum Milk Thistle® is more potent because of its much higher levels of absorption.*

It is dramatically more effective than ANY standardized milk thistle extract on the market today because up to ten times more Maximum Milk Thistle® gets into your bloodstream to protect and support your liver most effectively.*

Order Maximum Milk Thistle®

In the International Journal of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Lise Alschuler wrote the following:

...In a preliminary study, eight men and women with viral chronic Hepatitis B or C were treated with (the active ingredient in Maximum Milk Thistle®) for two months.

According to the authors of the study, this lipophilic complex has demonstrated superior bioavailability compared to silymarin complex alone...

The authors concluded that this complex may effectively improve hepatic function in patients with chronic active hepatitis...

Compare and Save (Your Liver)

Compared to common standardized milk thistle extracts (the kind found in most stores), eight to ten times more Maximum Milk Thistle® actually gets into your bloodstream and to your liver.* Maximum Milk Thistle® also contains over twice the amount of silybin, the most beneficial active ingredient in milk thistle, as compared to common standardized milk thistle extracts.

This makes a HUGE difference when it comes to protecting your liver.

Other milk thistle formulas may be a bit cheaper to buy, but they are also much less valuable to your liver, because so much less gets into your bloodstream. You should compare formulas not by how much goes into your mouth, but by how much gets to your liver.

When looked at this way, your choice will always be Maximum Milk Thistle®.

Milk Thistle Price Comparison Chart

You Can Get Cheaper Milk Thistle, But Can Your Liver Afford It?

When you have serious liver concerns, buying milk thistle based on lowest price is somewhat like choosing the cheapest brain surgeon or buying a cut-rate parachute.

Like it or not, lower price usually equals lesser quality. And there are some things, like the health of your liver, that are just not worth scrimping on.

With those other brands you are protecting your toilet much more than your liver, because the majority of active ingredients go right through your digestive system without being absorbed.

With Maximum Milk Thistle®, much, much more protection goes into your bloodstream and right to your liver, where it provides the best protection and support to liver cells.*

The enhanced absorption process in Maximum Milk Thistle® is so advanced and effective it was granted a patent by the United States government (U.S. Patent #4,764,508). This patented process gets up to ten times more milk thistle protection to your liver.

When you choose Maximum Milk Thistle® you are actually paying very little extra money for a heck of a lot more protection.

Order Maximum Milk Thistle®

In Let's Live magazine, Nicole Brechka, health writer, had this to say about the active ingredient in Maximum Milk Thistle®:

...A new form of milk thistle that is bound with phosphatidylcholine, may be even more powerful for fighting liver damage...

Not Just Any Milk Thistle ... Maximum Milk Thistle®

At this website you will learn more about Maximum Milk Thistle® and how it provides so much more liver protection than other brands (including the clinical proof).

By the way, Maximum Milk Thistle® didn't even exist when I was first diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Only the cheaper and weaker 80% standardized formulas were on the market then. I took those until I found the active ingredient in Maximum Milk Thistle® from another company at a much higher price. Then we began bottling it ourselves to make it more affordable. By choosing Maximum Milk Thistle® you get to benefit from all that previous research.

By choosing Maximum Milk Thistle® you get to benefit from all that previous research.

When you choose Maximum Milk Thistle® you are getting a much better formula at a much better price than was even available just a few years ago.

Here are a few comments about Maximum Milk Thistle® from Hepatitis C survivors:

I prefer Maximum Milk Thistle® over other milk thistle products because, after much research, I am convinced the Phytosome process dramatically improves the effectiveness of this important herbal medicine.

Kevin Krueger, Hepatitis C Survivor
Founder, National Hepatitis C Coalition

I have been using Maximum Milk Thistle® for several years now and in my opinion there is none better.

Chuck Demastus, Hepatitis C Survivor
Editor, Hepatitis C Newsletter

Maximum Milk Thistle® Ought To Be Your FIRST Choice

Should you learn only one thing by reading my words here, let this be it:

If you choose only one natural remedy for your liver, be sure to choose Maximum Milk Thistle®.

And, if you also use other natural remedies, or decide to try medical therapy, you should include Maximum Milk Thistle® in your daily protocol to best protect and support your liver, regardless. Please consult with your physician before making any changes to your healthcare regimen.

But, don't take my word for it:

Then, order a supply of Maximum Milk Thistle® for yourself, here.

Still Unsure?

If you are still undecided about Maximum Milk Thistle®, for any reason, we invite you to contact us. You can share any questions or concerns you may have, but first please read the comprehensive interview about my personal experience with Hepatitis C. Click here to go to the interview.


Ralph Napolitano, Hepatitis C Survivor

P.S. With our risk-free guarantee, you have nothing to lose by giving Maximum Milk Thistle® a try (except, perhaps, some of your elevated blood test numbers). We guarantee you will not find a more effective milk thistle formula anywhere. Order some now, and find out for yourself.