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Product Specifications

Maximum Milk Thistle Bottle
  • 90 Vegetarian Capsules per bottle.
  • Hypoallergenic (no known common allergens in the capsule).
  • 240 mg Silybin Phytosome (Siliphos) per capsule---2/3 phosphatidylcholine, 1/3 silybin, bound on a molecular level.
  • Recommended Dosage: Three capsules per day, during or between meals.
  • Each bottle lasts one month at the recommended dosage.
  • Storage life: 2 years
  • Capsules may be emptied and powder mixed with food (applesauce, yogurt, shakes, etc.)
  • Product manufactured in GMP facilities.
  • Each batch is tested and assayed for safety and effectiveness.
  • Safe and non-toxic, there is no known overdose level.
  • The German government approves milk thistle prescriptions for pregnant and lactating women.
  • Safe for children, dose for bodyweight: half adult weight, half adult dosage.
  • Safe and effective for veterinary liver health uses (dogs, cats, etc.)
  • No drug interactions are known. One report has noted that one ingredient in milk thistle, silybinin, can inhibit the bacterial enzyme, beta-glucuronidase, which helps oral contraceptives work. Milk thistle could therefore reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives. Please consult your health care provider prior to starting any new treatment or with questions regarding your medical condition.

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